Deadfall Adventures Cinematic by Televisor uses Pulldownit

Televisor studio and ColorTV created this thrilling intro for Deadfall Adventures, game by Nordic Games, official launch. They confirmed Pulldownit plugin was used in the jungle plane scene:

One of the most spectacular scenes is the plane flying towards the camera. The number of elements we had to generate for this scene was overwhelming. You can see the amount of work that had to be put into this scene on the “making of” material. We used the Pulldownit plug-in to crash the trees, which saved us a lot of time and workload.

making of video:

You can read the full case study here:


Tips & Tricks: Mapping all cut faces at once

Pdi creates a default cut material in inner faces, this is very useful to apply displacement or bump to these faces only,  you have to replace  this material for the one you prefer and then for mapping it in all cut faces at once just do the following:


  • In Maya open HyperShade and right mouse click on the PDI Cut Material icon, then “select objects with material” in the box dialog, Create UVs->automatic mapping ussually get good results, but you can try any mapping method you like.


  • In 3dMax, after shattering select all fragments and  apply “edit mesh”  or “edit poly” modifier to them, then select the cut faces by ID and  apply whatever uvw mapping you like, ussually box mapping is nice.

just as easy :)