Tutorial: Breaking columns with Pulldownit 3 and adding particles debris

Andres de Mingo and Esteban Cuesta has done this great shot combining Pulldownit plugin and particles debris, an angry cave troll breaking a set of columns in a temple:

Besides in these two quality video-tutorials  Esteban Cuesta  show us how to combine Pulldownit plugin with particle debris using pFlow in 3D Max and nParticles in Maya, to increase the realism of destruction effects.

3D MAX tutorial Pulldownit + Particle flow

Maya tutorial Pulldownit + nParticles

hope you like it


Thinkinetic and CICE  “La Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías”, have signed a collaboration agreement, because of it Pulldownit training is now included in VFX courses by CICE, besides Thinkinetic will perform special workshops and software evaluation tests in the computers and outstanding facilities at CICE.

Carlos Pegar, Product Manager at Thinkinetic met at CICE facilities with Marco Antonio Fernández Doldan, Innovation &  Education Manager at CICE, to sign the agreement.


Pulldownit by Thinkinetic is an innovative software for realistic simulation of digital destruction available as a plug-in for Autodesk 3D Max and Maya.

CICE is an accredited school offering education programs in VFX, 3D, compositing, NLE and Sound, authorized by most leading software companies from around the world. They are located in Madrid, Spain – one of the most important European cities in terms of production, quality and innovation.

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Tips & Tricks: Reverse dynamics

For some effects you would like objects looks like being costructed rather than destructed, this can be extremely dificult to achieve in a direct way, but you can simply reverse dynamics to get it done!  so compute dynamics with PDI as usual, making the object fall, being hitted by another one, or exploding using force fields, and bake simulation keys.

Then use the Dope Sheet to reverse the keys,

Reverse keys in Maya:

Select in viewport all objects you want to reverse dynamics for them,

Open Window -> animation editors -> DopeSheet

select “dopesheet Summary” or alternatively all entrys (they’ll turn yellow),

then open  dopesheet->edit -> scale (option box).

in the option box at method select start/end and then reverse the numbers in the boxes

Reverse keys in 3dMax:

Select in viewport all objects you want to reverse dynamics for them,

Open Graph editos->Track view->Dope Sheet,

Select the tracks of the objects you want to reverse keys for, in the controllers panel,

specify a block of time in the tracks panel,

Click on Time Icon and Reverse Time icon, or choose Time menu->Reverse.


Here a music clip using Pulldownit with this technique to break a piano by Tenas