Hum3D CAR Render Challenge 2018


Time for the Annual Car Render challenge by Hum3D ,

you have to create a car 3d model, put it into 3D environment and make a beautiful render. There are no limits for your creative ideas..

You can summit your work until December the 4th, 2018.

Pulldownit Pro license is one of the valuable prizes and there are plenty of them, those interested can check rules and prizes here:

Visit Challenge Home Page

God Of War game using Pulldownit

Ruben Morales, Lead FX Artist at Sony Santa Monica,  has posted  an awesome reel showing his work at God Of War game using extensively Pulldownit plugin for destruction effects in Autodesk Maya.

Ruben kindly explain his experience with Pulldownit plugin during the production:

“When looking for good plugins to use for God of War  in 2013 I had heard of
pulldownit as a tool some places were using for destruction. And from the start it
felt so user friendly with its options. And instantly chose this as the tool to add
for the destruction pipeline. On the latest God of War (2018) we used it heavily for
simulations and shattering of some objects. With larger scale breaks we still hand
cut the geo but would take that new mesh that needs to go away and shatter it. then
run any number of simulations needed with Pulldownit.

 I even tell my students to look up pulldownit, if they want to try destruction work. it’s very easy to learn and allows me the control I need.  Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to dabble with destruction.”

Ruben morales
Lead destruction artist
Sony Santa Monica

thank you very much  for your testimonial and showing those amazing videos Ruben.