Pulldownit update 3.5 with new features


Pulldownit v 3.5 is available for latest 3d Max 2016 and Maya 2016,  in addition it comes with several fixes and useful new features :

Congruent vertex normals after shattering, removing in this way the visible seams of light reflection between the broken pieces,


Uniform\Local\Radial shatter pattern auto-adjust to selected shards region only, making reshatering more user-friendly while keeping the nice Conform Voronoi reshattering introduced in v 3.0, besides Uniform shatter pattern can be offsetted/squeezed, very handy option when user is interested in destroying only part of a model.


Fracturing hi-poly meshes dynamically can be time consuming, user can now force convex shapes on fracture bodies creation to speed up computations of fracture, or to make faster destruction previews.

Transition animation-dynamics is one of the most powerful features of PDI, in this update we extend it so user can animate a group of fragments with motion keys and set it to start in dynamics after being hit or at a desired frame.

There are also other improvements and fixes specific for 3d Max or Maya plugins, here the full list.

New Features:

  • Available for 3d Max and Maya 2016
  • Congruent vertex normals after shattering.
  • Uniform shatter pattern can be offsetted/squeezed
  • Uniform\Local\Radial extend to selected shards región on reshattering
  • Ability to do transition animation-dynamics for group of fragments
  • Force convex shapes option for fracture bodies creation
  • Added DirectX support for viewport 2.0 in Maya( OpenGl was already supported)


  • Fixed slow loading of scenes with PDi data in Maya
  • Fixed concave faces generate incorrect pdi faces in Maya
  • Fixed invalid stresses created between isolated fragments and the rest
  • Fixed clusters outstresses are lost after loading the scene in 3d max
  • Fixed shatter progress bar for several objects in 3d max
  • Fixed cancelling shatter doesnt revert to original node
  • Fixed Shatterit skip some objects when shattering in ortographic view(3d Max)
  • Fixed setting Uniform after local doesnt hide locators in preview mode( Maya)
  • Fixed some values  doesnt update after creating a fracture body(Maya)
  • Fixed advanced fractures lost focus after setting static fragments(Maya)
  • Fixed modify jagginess fails in frame diferent that start frame(Maya)
  • Fixed transition anim-dynamics fails in 2 steps sims
  • Fixed update crackers list when a cracker is deleted by user in viewport
  • Fixed modifying clusterize parameter in frame diferent  than  start frame (3d max)
  • Fixed 3d Max crash after shatter objects with a multi material presenting empty slots

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