Introducing Vertex Colors Shatter


We are glad to introduce Vertex Color Shatter, this new feature allows users to shatter a 3d model based on a black & white vertex color map, as you can see in the demo videos below it is a very interactive tool and you get lot of control when generating small fragments over the surface of an object. Vertex Color Shatter is available in Pulldownit 3.8.6 for 3d Max and Maya, for users of Pro version only.

Video Tutorial: Vertex Color Shatter in 3D Max

Video Tutorial: Vertex Color Shatter in MAYA

As far as we are concern this feature is completely new in the VFX field, if you find it useful let us known your experience with vertex color shatter, we have done our best and we are willing to continue improving it according to users feedback.

This time we have prefered to make it available as an extension of current version 3.8 but as any update it counts with other enhancements and some annoying bugs fixed , you can read below the brief improvements list.

Version 3.8.6 Enhancements:

  • Shatter Support for Vertex Colors.
  • New Vertex Colors Shatter Style.
  • Modify Jaggy Strength is now a fast operation.
  • All Basic Fracture params are now saved after deleting a fracture body, in this way you can reshatter an object and all your fracture params are restored after creating the fracture body again.
  • New “Set All Values to Default” Basic Fractures Option: Useful new option when you want to reset all values to solver defaults without having to delete the Fracture body.

You can read list of bugs fixed in the Pulldownit versions log pages.


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