Pulldownit for Maya 2020


Maya 2020 was released early in December, this latest version has got a positive response by the community regarding its new features, performance and overall stability.

We wanted to make something special for this great Maya release and decided to include several enhancements we were working on, the result is new update of the Maya plugin, Pulldownit 4.8, with a boost in performance of all shatter related tools and the final numbers are pretty impressive:

  • Shatter it 2x faster
  • Shatter “Undo last” 4x faster
  • Shatter preview mode 3x faster with hi-poly meshes
  • Apply Jagginess 5x faster
  • Modify Jagginess 3x faster
  • Soften jaggy edges 10x faster
  • Improved quality of jaggy tessellation

So shatter or reshatter a model  is double faster, undoing last shards is almost instant, applying a detailed jaggy level 4 to the shattered model can be done in seconds, and adjusting the look of jaggy faces is a fully interactive task.

We have took our time to make sure these features are not only fast computing but stable and reliable as they were before the optimizations. Moreover tessellation of inner faces is now more regular getting rid of several artifacts on jaggy borders.

Licensed users can access already Pulldownit 4.8 from its account and there is a demo version for Maya 2020 in the Thinkinetic web site.

Below some nice viewport demos showing the new interactive capabilties of PDI Jagginess in Maya 2020 by Esteban Cuesta.


Besides we have fixed several other performance and usability issues you can check in the Pulldownit version logs page:

Read the full list of fixes in the Pulldownit web site version logs



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