Pulldownit for 3d Max 2022

Pulldownit , the destruction plugin, is already available for 3d Max 2022, this update includes latest bug fixes you can read in the Pulldownit version logs pages,

visit pulldownit version log pages

3d Max 2022 brings quite a few of improvements and revamped features, in the modelling field, extrude, symmetry, slice and relax modifiers are more powerful and user friendly, smart extrude is now supported by edit poly which speed up greatly the workflow when modeling, and it comes with a new ability to auto create holes just by pushing selected polygons away absolutely fantastic.

Since version 2021 Autodesk has been improving viewports quality and usability in each update, in this latest release they add a borderless clean floating viewport ideal for presentations.

Bake to Texture has been receiving multiple updates during last year, and in version 2022 it supports common maps: Beauty, Color, Metalness, Roughness, and several others maps are now directly handle in the Bake to Texture dialog along with its Gamma settings.

New policy of Autodesk is to introduce features and improvements progressively along the year, given the powerful retopology tools added in update 3, a few months ago, the whole picture looks like a much powerful and user friendly 3ds Max for modeling and visualization tasks.

Eloy Andaluz introduce all of these new features in a nice video you can review here:

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