Rewind: Bach in the days teaser by TENAS

Clememt explains how he broke a Cg piano using Pulldownit for his “Bach in the days” teaser

The Rewind teaser was done with MAYA, pulldownit plugin and After effects.

So first i shattered my piano in 500 pieces and i make it explode with a cylinder which collide the piano from the back to the front….the render was done with Mental ray and the scene was shooted at 300 fps.

The footage of Rewind was static so there was no tracking to did. So i started the compositing in after effects (i choosed to render with multi pass for more flexibility) with color correction, DOF… and the first impression was : the footage of rewind seems stick above the background, he wasn’t integrated well. I decided to render some particles in alpha…without background and integrate the pass above rewind.

I was really happy to work with Pulldownit because all is done quick…when you shatter an object it’s done in few seconds, also for the animation, when you bake it, you can rewind, forward in real time. The physics properties are great, in my case the particles collide themself and they give a realistic sensation…. It was a real support on this project and to be honest if i hadn’t found it, it would influenced the artistic direction…

TENAS Website

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