Pulldownit 3 Released for 3d Max and Maya

Pulldownit 3 has been released with new features for Cg destruction, demo videos here:

For 3D MAX:

For Maya:

And an awesome shot by Ivan de Frias using Pulldownit 3

This is the brief list of new features:

Shattering of objects is now 20% faster.

New Preview Mode for Shattering: Allowing user to visualize all shatter params before breaking the geometry.

Conform Voronoi Reshatering: User is not longer constrained when reshattering a model, any shatter pattern can be added to the current set of fragments seamlessly, in addition new Conform Voronoi reshatering reduce the number of straight edges in the shatter pattern, hence improving the quality of the fragments generated.


New Width parameter for Radial Shatter: adjust the size of radial pattern visually

New Undo Last button for undoing only the last shatter operation.

New Crackers Window: New window for controlling dynamic cracks, you count with several parameters for adjusting the cracks generation.

New Clusters Panel: User now can set clusters of fragment with different fracture parameters in the same fracture body, clusters can be edited at any time and are saved with the scene.

Bounded Force fields can break fracture bodies: Any bounded force field can break fracture bodies in an accurrate way.

Speed up auto body creation: Creating many rigid bodies at once from complex geometry is much faster now.

Maya viewport 2.0 supported in Maya 2015: Vieport 2.0 is supported in Maya 2015, however the performance of the tool is still faster using legacy viewport.

Also Several bugs has been fixed since the previous version: see the list of bugs fixed in the product log pages.



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