Alembic Caching of PDI scenes in Maya

Alembic caching is a popular format to exchange animated assets between applications,  indeed Alembic is supported by most 3D platforms today.

Besides Alembic is an efficient method  to extract  raw animation data from meshes so by  caching the object you get rid of any computation applied to the mesh in this way complex scenes and animations can be exported as an Alembic file, and then re-imported into Maya to improve playback performance.

Pulldownit supports Alembic caching in Maya and 3ds Max, in the tutorial below Esteban Cuesta shows us how to cache a PDI simulation with Alembic in the way  we store one single mesh per fracture object.

Important to mention Alembic doesn’t save shaders applied to the mesh, but only a reference to them so to can see  the materials applied to the mesh  they must be present in the scene before loading the alembic file.

go to Alembic Caching in Maya docs


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