Pulldownit 4.8 for 3ds Max released!


This new update of the tool has its focus on improving user experience in 3ds Max, especially when working with animated objects in dynamics or when making small changes to scenes already computed.

For this we introduce a revamped method to fracture animated objects, this new method gets smoother transitions when the object start to fracture. Also Secondary Cracks policy is now applied per fragment, getting main block or animated parts to remain unbroken while smaller fragments split again automatically. Now is very easy to reshatter any single fragment, so you can make small changes to the current simulation seamlessly when working on destruction projects.

Shatter it tool is overall 2x faster, that means creating hundred of shards almost instant, and Path-based shatter has been re tuned for smoother generation of shatter points specially when using 3ds Max freehand splines. Regarding jagginess on cut faces, tessellation of jaggy polygons is now more regular getting rid of several artifacts appearing on borders.

Last but not the least quite a few annoying bugs of previous version has been fixed.

License scheme for 3ds Max plugin changes to Annual with a base price of 240 euros  as launching offer.

Below listed the most relevant highlights in Pulldownit 4.8 for 3ds Max

Shatter New Features                                                                                                      

Shatter it tool 2x faster, this increase up to 8x faster for combined meshes, models made of different parts combined together are shattered now much faster. Also shatter preview is up to 3 times faster for hi-poly meshes.

New ability to reshatter single fragments of baked fracture bodies to any extend, reshatter baked fragments is now an easy action and can be repeated to any extend, besides new shards created will acquire motion of the original fragment in dynamics.

Path-based shatter re tuned, generation of shatter points along curves is now smoother specially when using 3ds Max freehand splines.

Improved quality of jaggy tessellation, tessellation of jaggy polygons is now more regular getting rid of several artifacts appearing on borders.


Dynamics New Features                                                                                                  

Revamped transition animation-dynamics method for Fracture bodies, animated objects which breaks are now computed more accurately, getting smoother transitions and fine control over how and when the object start to fracture.


New Per Fragment Secondary Cracks policy, secondary cracks are now applied per fragment instead of for the whole object, differentiating in this way the bulk of the object from detached and animated parts and modulating the effect accordingly.

Selected Shatter group is now highlighted before confirming “Undo All Shatter”, this new behaviour gives instant feedback of which fragments are selected before undoing them.

Read the full list of fixes in the Pulldownit web site version logs

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