Pulldownit changes to Annual License

From July 1st , 2020 all Pulldownit licenses will turn to annual with an important reduction in cost. Thinkinetic will stop selling perpertual licenses of Pulldownit plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya after that date.

Purchasers of perpetual licenses before 1st July will have normal access to fixes and updates during its maintenance period, after license support expires they can continue using the current installed software but they won’t get further updates of the software until purchasing a new annual license.

Purchasers of annual licenses  will equally have access to fixes and updates during one year, after license expires they would have to purchase new annual licenses to continue using the software.

We think moving to annual license scheme makes it easier for everybody, as costumer you don’t have to worry about when your software maintenance expires to renew your license early and get the best discount; with annual licenses you will get always the same cost regardless whether you renew your license yearly or after 2 years or more.

Pulldownit plugin is, after 10 years of development, a mature piece of software, stable, reliable and responsive in what it does; our commitment at Thinkinetic is to continue developing  new useful features for shatter and destruction effects, and improving plugin tools and  performance to the maximum specially regarding incoming processors. In fact we are already working on exciting new features for next major release of the software.

At Thinkinetic we work everyday so our users get always the best experience when using Pulldownit plugin in their VFX projects.

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