Pandemos by Lee You Young

Lee You Young ,student at the prestigious SF FILM SCHOOL  in Korea has published this stunning shot and breakdown claiming it is her first VFX showreel,  that’s pretty amazing given the complexity of the animation and quality of the final footage.

‘Pandemos’ is a project that expresses the situation in the covid-19 era that is sometimes described to be “like a movie” in the form of a SF video using VFX

Lee You explains the creature was modelled, rigged and animated in Maya,  then sent to UE5 for rendering the whole scene and final composition with real footage was finally done in Nuke.

Pulldownit plugin was used to shatter the bottle containing “Covid vaccine” when the creature  stepped on it releasing the virus fluid made using Maya Bifrost. Pulldownit simulation was exported in fbx format to UE5 to render the whole shot there.

Amazing job Lee You, thank you for sharing!

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