Pulldownit for 3D Max 2023

Pulldownit , the destruction plugin, is already available for 3ds Max 2023 an brings an important enhancement, Shatter it tool is now 4 times faster. This new update v 5.3 will be available for the rest of supported 3ds Max versions in the following weeks.

Max 2023 itself brings several useful improvements, Retopology tool has been boosted with a new auto remesh option allowing to get quickly good results with less preparation of the scanned model, besides Retopology now preserves important mesh features like uvs, vertex colors and such, which is a huge time saver when the model involved is already mapped.

In the modelling field Smart Extrude, introduced first in Max 2022, has been enhanced with the ability to cut partially through an editable poly, besides it can be used along with the new working pivots feature allowing to modify a polygonal surface quickly or merging other elements into it.

Other interesting features are the new glTF exporter for those working in 3d models for web visualization and a revamped autobackup behaviour that can be tracked and controlled easily in the UI.

Since several years ago Autodesk is focused in strengthen 3ds Max for polygonal modelling and visualization tasks, that’s good, however 3ds Max is being increasingly used for visual effects due to its power to handle large scenes smoothly and specially the bunch of third party plugins intended for dynamics effects tightly integrated inside it, so an update to Bifrost is highly demanded for those working in VFX.

Eloy Andaluz introduces all of these new features in a nice video you can review here:

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