Hum3D Ukraine Aid Campaign

At Thinikinetic we are concerned by the invasion in Ukraine, and want to express our affection for all Ukranian people these terrible days.

Recently we have known our friends of Hum3D, a well-known site offering quality 3D models, counts with several employees living in Ukraine, actually its main office was in Járkov (the city that is bombing regularly since 2 weeks ago) and they had to evacuate all employees to other cities and safe places, surprisingly they continue working as normal as possible among the havok.

Hum3D has launched a campaign to help all his employees from Ukraine and their families, at Thinkinetic we have already contributed to it and want to spread the word with our community , you can join its Ukraine Aid Campaign here:

Hum3D Ukraine Aid campaign

we hope all its employees get in a safe place and this terrible and unfair war ends soon.