Pulldownit for 3ds Max 2024

Pulldownit , the destruction plugin, is already available for 3d Max 2024 , you can learn more about latest features of PDI in this great tutorial by Esteban Cuesta:

Oneiric temple destruction in 3ds Max

3d Max 2024 itself brings quite a lot of new features for modeling, animation and rendering and a high performance boost when working with STL models.

In the modelling field introduces a brand new boolean modifier, contrary to classic compound objects,  boolean operations are now managed in the modifiers stack so user can remove or re-order them seamlessly, in addition it can convert the model to an OpenVDB version making the boolean operation more robust and independent of the source topology. Array Modifier introduced in previous version gets a new Phyllotaxis distribution mode for generating spiral pattern as seeing in many natural structures like flowers. The whole Modifiers tab has been ported to QT making it faster navigation and includes a handy search filter for fast selection on the long modifiers list.

The slate material editor has been rewritten using QT making it much more customizable, and besides user can now package several nodes into one single compound for better legibility when working with complex graphs. In addition there is a new Material Switcher node allowing to quickly change the material of an object for fast look-dev workflow

Animation has got also an important update, a new “Transform List” controller allows to add multiple controllers to an object and blend them together, in addition motion paths can now be displayed and adjusted in viewport for all controllers types.

Max 2024 introduces support for the OCIO colour-management broadly used in the animation industry although Gamma workflow is still the default mode, MaxToA now supports OCIO standard as well.

So a noticiable amount of improvements, Autodesk continues strengthen 3ds Max for polygonal modelling and visualization task, though there are some important enhancements for animation this time, hope it continues in the following updates this year.

Eloy Andaluz introduces all of these new features in a great demo video you can review here:

Sci-Fi Industrial Zone 3D Competition

Hum3D “Sci-Fi Industrial Zone” Challenge has started!

“Your goal is to design and create a highly detailed and atmospheric environment, rich with elements of science fiction and industrial design”

Pulldownit Pro license is one of the valuable prizes and there are plenty of them!
those interested can check rules and prizes here:

Visit Challenge Home Page

Remember you can submit your work until June 3rd, 2023.

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Cracking an Ancient Statue in Maya

In this polished tutorial, Esteban Cuesta shows us how to create long cracks over
an ancient statue and shatter it using Pulldownit plugin in Maya,

Bounded cracks is a new feature introduced in Pulldownit 5.0
allowing to create cracks over the surface of 3d models and controlling the strenght and extent of the crack easilly.

Thank you Esteban for this great tutorial!

Hum3D Ukraine Aid Campaign

At Thinikinetic we are concerned by the invasion in Ukraine, and want to express our affection for all Ukranian people these terrible days.

Recently we have known our friends of Hum3D, a well-known site offering quality 3D models, counts with several employees living in Ukraine, actually its main office was in Járkov (the city that is bombing regularly since 2 weeks ago) and they had to evacuate all employees to other cities and safe places, surprisingly they continue working as normal as possible among the havok.

Hum3D has launched a campaign to help all his employees from Ukraine and their families, at Thinkinetic we have already contributed to it and want to spread the word with our community , you can join its Ukraine Aid Campaign here:

Hum3D Ukraine Aid campaign

we hope all its employees get in a safe place and this terrible and unfair war ends soon.

Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max released

Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max brings new destruction features and important updates in performance and usability.

Fractures solver computes around 2 times faster and gets more debris in impact areas without the need of further adjustment.

A new ability to shatter along part of a curve lets user refine cracks as many as needed in a visual way, surface cracks can be bounded to create easily nice stress effects and reversing a crack involves just one click, all of this making the creation and adjustment of surface cracks easier than ever.

Jagginess, the ability to add roughness to cut faces, receives also an important update, by default jagginess now only applies to broken areas in simulation, getting lighter meshes for rendering or when exporting it to game engines.

There are several other performance and usability improvements you can review below and you can check the whole list of fixes in the Pulldownit version logs page:

Read the full list of fixes in the Pulldownit web site version logs

Licensed users can access already Pulldownit 5 from his account and there is a demo version for 3ds Max 2022 in the Thinkinetic web site.

Shatter New Features                                                                                                 

New Extent parameter for Shatter it tool, this new parameter allows to shrink the shatter region in a visual way, making very easy to increase the density of fragments in any area of the model.

New ability to exclude part of the curve in Shatter it, simply by dragging the mouse you can select the extent of the curve to be used for shattering, as many times as needed, therefore one single curve is enough for all reshattering operations.

Jagginess applies to broken fragments only, by default Jaggines now only applies to the areas which has been broken in simulation, getting lighter meshes for rendering or exporting it to game engines.

Dynamics New Features                                                                                         

PDI Fracture Solver 2x faster, scenes involving hundreds or thousands of fragments in dynamics now computes around 2 times faster with the same stability than previous version

Improved quality of Fracture solver, cracks are now more realistic, pulling out small fragments in borders of fracturing areas without the need of further adjustment.

New bounded behaviour for crackers, user can now control the distance detached fragments can move, from making them stick on the surface to let them free and falling.

UI Enhancements                                                                                             

New ability to reverse Cracker direction, reverse a dynamic crack is now as easy as click on the panel button.

Create fracture body 2x faster, fracture bodies made of thousands fragments now needs only a few seconds to be created by PDI solver.

Create and modify fracture clusters is an almost instant operation.

Improved visualization in Stresses View, when in Stresses View all fragments are now displayed in solid colour, regardless of its material.

Stresses view “break at frame” clusters are now displayed in green color, in this way user can quickly identify clusters set to break at frame( green) from the rest.

Withoutborders competition

Thinkinetic is glad to sponsor “withoutborders” Hum3D competition, the theme is about modeling and rendering famous buildings of your city or country.

Сreate a 3D work with a famous building from your country to help other participants to see this beautiful place.

Pulldownit Pro license is one of the valuable prizes and there are plenty of them!
those interested can check rules and prizes here:

Visit Challenge Home Page

Remember you can summit your work until June 3rd, 2020.

Evermotion Challenge 2020

Thinkinetic is proud sponsor of this year “My own 2020” challenge by Evermotion.

“Year 2020 is a breaktrough on a global scale. The consequences of events around us will be felt for decades to come. We invite you to make an art using 3d techniques (still image or animation) that will be your personal interpretation of this year and its local, national or global consequences. It can be small, personal image or a grand scale epic visualization – you choose..

You can summit your work until 20th December, 2020

Pulldownit Pro license is one of the valuable prizes and there are plenty of them, those interested can check rules and prizes here: